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tri tip in instant pot

Instant pot tri tip

Super easy and quick Instant pot tri tip with vegetables dinner recipe.Cook it all in one pot and enjoy your dinner with the family. For Weight watchers: myWW green plan 8 points, myWW blue plan 8 points, myWW purple plan 2 points per serving. I live in California, in its Central Valley part, where the …

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a bowl of polenta

Instant pot creamy polenta (Video)

Want to learn how to make creamy polenta in instant pot? This delicious polenta recipe is so easy to cook and required no constant stirring. Watch my beginner friendly video to learn best tricks for cheesy buttery polenta in  pressure cooker. Polenta vs Cornmeal Polenta is a kind of porridge that’s made from coarsely ground …

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split pea soup bowl

Instant pot split pea soup

In this post i will show you how to cook a delicious comforting split pea soup in your Instant Pot. We are going to make it with smoked turkey legs or turkey necks, which will bring lots of flavor and texture to your pressure cooker soup. For Weight watchers: myWW green plan 7 points,myWW blue …

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eggnog cocktail

Bourbon eggnog cocktail recipe

Easy alcoholic eggnog cocktail recipe, delicious bourbon eggnog! It will warm you up in the winter evening and will be a nice addition to your Christmas table. Bourbon eggnog cocktail Eggnog is traditionally a winter drink. First time i tried it when moved to US , about 9 years ago. I was skeptical but curious. …

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apple sauce in the bowl

Unsweetened applesauce

Homemade cinnamon unsweetened applesauce recipe that is refined sugar free and absolutely delicious. Easy healthy treat, that can be cooked on stovetop, crockpot or instant pot! Making applesauce is a pretty simple process that doesn’t require much work. Best time to make is probably fall when apples are in season, but any time of the …

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instant pot turkey breast roast

Instant Pot turkey breast

Instant pot whole turkey breast recipe that is juicy, tender and delicious. Make it for Thanksgiving, Christmas or for any weekend family dinner. Keto friendly. For weight watchers points: myWW green plan 8 points, blue plan 0 points, purple 0 points ( all calculations are done by adding ingredients to Weight watchers app calculator). Points …

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pumpkin spice waffles with maple syrup

Pumpkin spice waffles

Easy homemade pumpkin waffles recipe that is so good on a cold fall morning! Cooked on the waffle iron with warm pumpkin spice mix and dipped into a maple syrup, so delicious! I love when the fall cold weather calls for pumpkin everything: for pumpkin main dishes, desserts and breakfast using pumpkin. This days is …

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chess pie

Old fashioned chess pie

Delicious old fashioned chess pie with a southern accent. This is the best easy recipe with very simple ingredients! Great for Thanksgiving, Christmas or any other occasion. What is chess pie made of? Traditionally chess pie is made of these simple ingredients Butter. Lots of good quality melted butter Sugar. White sugar works best for …

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burger made in the air fyrer

Air fryer hamburger recipe

In this post you will learn how to make juicy hamburgers in your air fryer from frozen or fresh beef or turkey patties. Made in little time, this recipe is very easy and will pair perfectly well with air fryer fries. Best recipe that will work in your Power, Nuwave, Ninja and any other air …

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apple butter

Crock pot apple butter recipe

Unbelievably easy homemade crock pot apple butter recipe, healthy and uses only few ingredients. Rich, decadent and with beautiful caramel color- you will love to spread this butter on bread for breakfast or eat it by spoon. Since we moved to the Central Valley, we can enjoy apple picking all august long and especially in …

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chocolate chip muffin

Double chocolate chip muffins

Easy recipe for homemade moist double chocolate chip muffins that are just full of amazing cacao flavor! Make them for breakfast or a snack, they are great for are kids lunch box too! They were created to satisfy all your chocolate cravings! Try these double chocolate muffins for a breakfast with a cup pf hot …

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ham bean soup

Leftover ham bone soup

Delicious homemade ham bone soup from leftover ham cooked on the stove. Made with beans, potatoes, carrots and slow cooked in a rich broth. I always have a leftover ham bone when i cook my favorite Crock pot brown sugar ham… and making a soup with it is a great solution! Slow simmering the broth …

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a piece of chocolate pie

Chocolate fudge pie recipe

Easy old fashioned chocolate pie with cocoa that taste like fudge. Homemade delicious dessert with southern accent! This pie is very rich, full of chocolate flavor and makes a perfect dessert or a treat! Do you refrigerate chocolate fudge pie? Since our pie has a total of two eggs, you need to make sure it …

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Leftover turkey soup

Rich flavorful turkey leftover soup from carcass. With homemade shredded turkey, vegetables and noodles, this soup is healthy and will feed your whole family! The best way to use leftover Thanksgiving or Christmas turkey. Every year we have a lot of turkey leftovers. We are only a family of 4 and two of our family …

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pumpkin loaf

Moist pumpkin bread recipe

Easy moist pumpkin bread recipe that will be perfect for your breakfast morning meal or a snack. Delicious fall recipe with canned or fresh pumpkin puree! Pumpkin taste like fall and is available all year round. I usually buy canned pumpkin puree, its easy and convenient. Homemade puree is always best but not always an …

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Mashed sweet potatoes in a bowl

Instant Pot mashed sweet potatoes

Healthy mashed sweet potatoes made in your instant pot is a delicious side dish for any occasion. Perfect for Thanksgiving or any other major Holidays. I was cooking these sweet potatoes with Thanksgiving in my mind. This dish will be a great substitue foro tradittional mashed potatoes and it will be a great adittion to …

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whole smoked turkey in tray

Smoked turkey recipe

Delicious juicy smoked turkey recipe for your electric smoker. Great for holidays ( Thanksgiving and Christmas) or summer weekends too. Try to make it in your Traeger or Masterbuilt smoker! What a festive main course dish! What type of wood is best when smoking  turkey. I like to use HICKORY wood chips when smoking a …

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Easy pumpkin pancakes recipe

Easy homemade pumpkin pancakes for your next breakfast! Not only for the fall, this recipe has lots of warming spices, enjoy in the morning, on the go or put in your kids lunchbox. These pancakes are fluffy, moist and so full of fall flavors. I am excited each time i make them, so kitchen smells …

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Maple roasted brussels sprouts

Easy roasted brussels sprouts recipe with maple glaze is a delicious side dish for holidays or a weeknight dinner. Thanksgiving, Christmas… treat your guests with this healthy sweet and crunchy baked dish. Not everybody loves Brussels sprouts. But trust me, this recipe is different. Roasting sprouts is probably the easiest way of cooking them, all …

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Best easy pumpkin pie

Homemade easy and delicious pumpkin pie made from scratch! The best full proof recipe with condensed milk and fresh or canned pumpkin puree. Best dessert for thanksgiving, Christmas or any fall evening. Who loves pumpkin pie? Sure most of you just said YES! Filled with warm fall spices and delicious custard like pumpkin filling… The …

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