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Electric smoker recipes

Welcome to the world of delicious easy smoker recipes! Here you will find a big variety of smoked food recipes using electric or any other type of smoker. All of my recipes has step by step instructions and beginner friendly.

Try this smoked whole chicken recipe, or Perfect smoked brisket recipe! I have recipes for ribs lover too- Perfectly smoked beef ribs or Electric smoker smoked baby back ribs, with the video!

More recipes coming each week! Thank you!

feature image of flaked smoked salmon fillet covered with lemon slices and chopped scallions

Traeger smoked salmon

Try this delicious and super easy recipe for smoked salmon. This is a hot smoked salmon method that can be used in any electric smoker like Traeger or Masterbuilt. MyWW green plan 8 points, blue plan 2 points, purple 2 points. Points are per serving, see recipe notes for more information Summer is probably the …

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whole smoked turkey in tray

Smoked turkey recipe

Delicious juicy smoked turkey recipe for your electric smoker. Great for holidays ( Thanksgiving and Christmas) or summer weekends too. Try to make it in your Traeger or Masterbuilt smoker! What a festive main course dish! What type of wood is best when smoking  turkey. I like to use HICKORY wood chips when smoking a …

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a piece of smoked turkey breast

Applewood smoked turkey breast

Juicy flavorful and very easy Applewood smoked turkey is a dream come true- tender meat and very low effort! Perfect recipe for your Traeger, Masterbuilt or any other kind of smoker! Weight watchers 6 smart points per serving. What is the best wood to smoke a turkey? I absolutely love Applewood for my turkey and …

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Perfectly smoked beef ribs

Juicy tender beef ribs perfectly cooked in your smoker! I used electric smoker for this recipe, used a flavorful rub and slowly smoked till perfection. Fall of the bone ribs recipe for your Masterbuilt, Traeger or any charcoal smoker! How to make a rub Rub for this smoked ribs is very simple. I dont like …

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Perfect smoked brisket

Smoking brisket is not hard! All you need is electric or charcoal smoker, patience, quality meat and some good instructions. Make it for friends, for a party or just for your BBQ dinner. How to Smoke a Perfect Brisket Smoking the perfect brisket isn’t about having a tutorial to follow or the perfect recipe, it’s …

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Easy smoked whole chicken

Smoked whole chicken recipe that is great for your electric or charcoal smoker! Easy, juicy and beginners friendly recipe! How to smoke a perfect whole chicken? Knowing how to smoke a perfect whole chicken can sound a little intimidating. You’ll first need to understand that there are a lot of variables when it comes to …

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Smoked cajun chicken quarters

Beautifully smoked in electric smoker chicken quarters covered with cajun seasoning. Get your summer grilling on! Who loves summer grilling and smoking? We do! Not long ago i purchased my first smoker and started experimenting. My masterbuilt smoker This smoker was the most popular and inexpensive smoker on the market, so i gave it a …

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Smoked orange chicken quarters

Delicious easy recipe for smoked chicken quarters in your electric smoker. I use Masterbuilt smoker but any charcoal smoker will work too. Flavorful rub and orange glaze make this dinner meal absolutely fantastic.   Chicken is very easy to smoke, much easier then ribs or brisket. Its comes very handy when lets say you have …

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