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beef stew bowl

Irish Guinness beef stew

Traditional crock pot Irish beef stew recipe, full of root vegetables, chuck roast and of course Guinness beer! This stew is so easy to make and you always can substitute beef to lamb for more authentic flavor. Get ready for st.Patrick’s day! I love to make this stew every other week or each time i …

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air fryer cinnamon apple chips

Air fryer cinnamon apple chips

Super easy and crunchy snack for everyone, this air fryer chips are healthy too! No sweeteners, no oil, just fruit and cinnamon. Ready in less then 20 minutes from start to finish. MyWW green plan o points, blue plan 0 points, purple 0 points ( all  calculations are done by adding ingredients to Weight watchers …

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a stack of cake box mix strawberry cookies

Strawberry cake mix cookies

Easy and quick cake mix strawberry cookies with white chocolate chips for your Valentines day celebration or just for a cookie tea party! Whoever invented cake box mix cookies is a genius. This cookies are not only so easy and quick to make, they also taste so good! Types of cake mix cookies You can …

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close shot of new england clam chowder

Easy Boston Clam Chowder recipe

Easy New England clam chowder recipe . This is the best homemade recipe for our favorite creamy white soup with chunks of potatoes and seafood. So delicious and comforting! This is one of my favorite soups recipe that we use in our weekly dinner rotation. First time i tried clam chowder in San Francisco, in …

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ham in pressure cooker

Instant pot maple glazed ham

You will love this delicious Instant pot maple glazed ham that is cooked in less then 30 minutes! Use a bone in or boneless piece and transform it in to the best easy centerpiece for your Christmas, Easter or just a weekend table! For weight watchers points: myWW green plan 5 points, blue plan 5 …

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kentucky mule in copper mug

Kentucky Mule cocktail recipe

Kentucky Mule cocktail is a delicious twist on a classic Moscow Mule recipe. Made with bourbon instead of vodka, this festive drink will be perfect for a party What is the difference between Moscow Mule and Kentucky Mule? Moscow Mule is typically made with just three simple ingredients, lime juice, ginger beer and vodka. Well. …

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air fryer baked apples with nuts

Air fryer cinnamon baked apples

Try this soft and sweet cinnamon air fryer baked apples for your next dessert! Impress your guests and family with this easy to make recipe, only few ingredients and oh so healthy and delicious! For weight watchers points: myWW green plan 6 points, blue plan 6 points, purple 6 points ( all calculations are done …

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chicken thighs in air fryer

Air fryer buttermilk fried chicken

Delicious crunchy and very easy air fryer fried chicken thighs and drumsticks recipe. Buttermilk tenderized, this bone in chicken will taste like if you fried it in oil, but healthier! What does buttermilk do to chicken Buttermilk help tenderizing the meat. For the best results, leave chicken in buttermilk for at least one hour, better …

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whole potatoes in air fryer

Air fryer cooking chart

This is the fullest chart of air fryer cooking time for different groups of food.Vegetables, Meat and Poultry, fish and seafood and all kinds of frozen food! I like to keep all of the important information in one place. Links in the chart goes to the air fryer recipes on my site that uses that …

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cranberry sauce in a spoon

Easy cranberry sauce recipe

Delicious tart and sweet at the same time cranberry sauce made in the stove. Top it your favorite Thanksgiving turkey or use leftovers in sandwiches and quesadillas! Cranberry sauce is a must on every Thanksgiving or Christmas table. Cranberries are in season now and you can find them fresh or frozen in every grocery store. …

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instant opt oxtails with mashed potatoes

Instant pot oxtails

Fall of the bone tender, quick and easy instant pot oxtail recipe. Warming and comforting dish that will be so good for a weekend dinner! Oxtails are just a delicious very comforting dinner that i am trying to cook at least once a month.  The house smells great, the meat is so tender is falls …

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whole chicken air fryer

Air fryer rotisserie chicken

Try this amazingly easy recipe for air fryer chicken rotisserie style in the comfort of your own kitchen. Superb quality juicy meat and extra crispy skin, its what i call a perfect dinner! MyWW green plan, blue plan and purple plans points are listed in the notes of the recipe card, specified by the part …

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Instant pot Thanksgiving menu

Its almost Thanksgiving and if you didn’t decide what to cook yet, here is your Holiday menu plan and fantastic Instant Pot Thanksgiving recipes! [mv_create title=”Instant pot Thanksgiving menu” key=”4″ type=”list” layout=”hero”]If you are a happy owner of Instant Pot, you will need to get these instant pot accessories for even easier cooking experience!

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tri tip in instant pot

Instant pot tri tip

Super easy and quick Instant pot tri tip with vegetables dinner recipe.Cook it all in one pot and enjoy your dinner with the family. For Weight watchers: myWW green plan 8 points, myWW blue plan 8 points, myWW purple plan 2 points per serving. I live in California, in its Central Valley part, where the …

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a bowl of polenta

Instant pot creamy polenta (Video)

Want to learn how to make creamy polenta in instant pot? This delicious polenta recipe is so easy to cook and required no constant stirring. Watch my beginner friendly video to learn best tricks for cheesy buttery polenta in  pressure cooker. Polenta vs Cornmeal Polenta is a kind of porridge that’s made from coarsely ground …

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split pea soup bowl

Instant pot split pea soup

In this post i will show you how to cook a delicious comforting split pea soup in your Instant Pot. We are going to make it with smoked turkey legs or turkey necks, which will bring lots of flavor and texture to your pressure cooker soup. For Weight watchers: myWW green plan 7 points,myWW blue …

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eggnog cocktail

Bourbon eggnog cocktail recipe

Easy alcoholic eggnog cocktail recipe, delicious bourbon eggnog! It will warm you up in the winter evening and will be a nice addition to your Christmas table. Bourbon eggnog cocktail Eggnog is traditionally a winter drink. First time i tried it when moved to US , about 9 years ago. I was skeptical but curious. …

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