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fried mini apple pie in hand

Mini apple pies in air fryer

Easy to make and so delicious Air fryer mini apple pies with homemade apple filling. Bring fall aromas to your table any time of the year. Air fryer is perfect for making desserts! Dough turns out perfect each time and its so easy to watch and monitor the cooking process. Today we are going to …

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close up shot of mashed potatoes in the spoon

Creamy Ninja Foodi mashed potatoes

Cheesy and creamy Ninja Foodi mashed potatoes made with Parmesan cheese, butter and cream. Very easy and quick recipe for your pressure cooker. Today we are going to make cheesy dreamy mashed potatoes right in your Ninja Foodi! All you will need is some potatoes, butter, Parmesan cheese, salt, pepper and cream. Best potatoes to …

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crispy air fryer tortilla chips with salsa

Air fryer tortilla chips

Want to cook an easy snack in no time? Try my new favorite and super simple recipe for air fryer fried tortilla chips, so crispy and delicious! Tortilla chips are a staple snack in our house, we just change the dip but no one takes away our crunchy chips! So, since we love it so …

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square image of green salsa inside the blender bowl

Air fryer roasted tomatillo salsa

Delicious spicy roasted tomatillo salsa made with a help of your air fryer and blender. Make it spicy or mild, chunky or completely smooth, use red tomatoes instead or add poblano peppers, make it yours! If you ever visited Mexican restaurant, you probably tried green spicy salsa along with other salsa varieties. Green salsa is …

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featured square image of cooked chunky strawberry sauce

Easy homemade strawberry sauce

Try this super easy and delicious homemade strawberry sauce recipe on your pancakes, angel food cake, cheesecake or as is! Just three simple ingredients and ready in less then 20 minutes. MyWW green plan 2 points, blue plan 2 points, purple 2 points ( all calculations are done by adding ingredients to Weight watchers app …

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feature image of flaked smoked salmon fillet covered with lemon slices and chopped scallions

Traeger smoked salmon

Try this delicious and super easy recipe for smoked salmon. This is a hot smoked salmon method that can be used in any electric smoker like Traeger or Masterbuilt. MyWW green plan 8 points, blue plan 2 points, purple 2 points. Points are per serving, see recipe notes for more information Summer is probably the …

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close shot of stack of three fried oreos in dough

Air fryer fried Oreos

Did you know you can make fried Oreos in your air fryer? What a fantastic dessert and every kid and adult will love it. Easy two ingredient recipe, great even for a beginner! MyWW green plan 3 points, blue plan 3 points, purple 3 points ( all calculations are done by adding ingredients to Weight …

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a stack of chocolate chip cookies

Hazelnut spread chocolate cookies

Delicious double chocolate gooey and sweet hazelnut spread cookies packed with rich chocolate hazelnut paste ( any brand, from Kirkland to Nutella) and lots of chocolate chips. My kids always ask me for cookies. You can always find lots of flour and sugar in my pantry. And of course, chocolate chips. Those are three staples …

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top view of unpeeled potato chips on the kitchen towel

Air fryer potato chips

Easy air fryer potato chips recipe using just a few simple ingredients! Homemade chips are always better, they are healthy, crunchy and simply the best. Did you ever wonder how easy is it to make your own potato chips? No more crazy nasty ingredients, only potatoes, slat, pepper, garlic and some good olive oil. We …

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a stack of lemon bars

Classic lemon bars

Everyone’s favorite and super easy classic lemon bars recipe, with soft and tangy lemon curd on top and buttery homemade shortbread crust on the bottom. With only 7 ingredients, this decadent dessert may become your next family beloved recipe. Who is up for some yummy soft and zesty lemon bars? This is a traditional and …

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caramelized orange chicken recipe

Sticky caramelized orange chicken

Sticky, sweet, tasty caramelized orange chicken that is so full of citrus flavor. A great healthy dinner idea for the whole family, especially kids, they love this chicken. We just love caramelizing in this house. In a last few weeks i already tried to make: Sweet caramelized pork with rice and Caramelized sweet beef with …

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cookies with candies on top

Carrot cake mix cookies

This lovely Easter themed cookies are so easy to make! With only a few ingredients you will make this yummy carrot cake cookies in less then 20 minutes. MyWW green plan 4 points, blue plan 4 points, purple 4 points ( all calculations are done by adding ingredients to Weight watchers app calculator). Points are …

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few muffins, top view

Banana muffins recipe

Super easy and quick recipe for homemade banana muffins with or without chocolate chips. Perfect breakfast or snack and all kids love it!   This is the best way to use those overripe bananas besides my banana bread recipe (that also works excellent!). Chocolate chips substitutions Melty chocolate chips make everything taste better but what …

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tuna salad on a toast

Easy tuna salad recipe

Super easy tuna salad recipe for your lunch sandwich, with eggs, celery and onions. Canned tuna works best here and this is the best recipe for a quick meal for everyone. When i used to work in a coffee shop in my twenties, we were making fresh tuna salad daily. Oh i could eat that …

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banana bread close shot

The best banana bread

Super easy recipe for moist and soft banana bread that absolutely everybody can make! Add chocolate chips or walnuts to make it special, or keep it simple like i did. Probably all of us has their favorite banana bread recipe. Sometimes we add sour cream, sometimes we spread butter on a piece, add chocolate chips, …

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