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Cooking tips

Brown sugar substitutes

The next time you will want to make that favorite recipe that calls for brown sugar but find out you have no brown sugar. These brown sugar substitutes shall help you find an alternative. Brown Sugar Substitutes Driving to the store to pick up brown sugar for that recipe isn’t always possible or something you …

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How to store avocado

Having avocados on hand is an excellent way to enjoy this healthy treat in your favorite recipes. Avocados are a favorite treat that many people enjoy using for delicious salads or side dips for their favorite appetizers. Avocados are interesting because they are really in season all year round, for the most part. Many avocados …

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Pork Internal Temperature

Sometimes it’s difficult to figure out the proper internal temperature for cooked pork. The rules and regulations for what is considered a safe internal temperature for just about any meat have fluctuated throughout the years and more than likely will continue to change. You know just as well as I know that overcooked or undercooked …

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