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Air fryer BBQ chicken wings

Easy, ready in 30 minutes, this BBQ Air fryer chicken wings are great for a party and for a family dinner!  Crunchy wings dipped in your favorite sauce- what could be better? Our Air Fryer cooking journey is getting better and better. Who doesn’t like chicken wings? Crunchy, juicy, flavorful wings made with BBQ sauce? …

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hawaiian recipe roundup, many recipes

Delicious Hawaiian food

Hawaiian food inspiration! Lovely meals that you can easily cook at home! Fresh, satisfying and delicious Hawaiian food on you table! This delicious spicy shrimp poke bowl recipe is served with hot sushi rice, spicy mayo, avocados, radishes, and carrots. A quick weeknight dinner idea Healthy tropical Hawaiian Huli Huli Chicken Pineapple Rice Bowls; island …

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delicious instant pot chili with avocado and sour cream on top

Delicious Instant Pot Chili

This warming, satisfying and delicious instant pot chili with ground beef will make you ask for more! Healthy instant pot dish that even your kids will love. In the last month a posted so many Instant Pot recipes, that it looks like its all we eat… which is almost true. Instant pot saves me a …

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potato egg salad with corn

Potato egg salad

A little twist on a classic potato egg salad- an added corn gives it some freshness and a sweet bite! Who doesn’t like potato egg salad? An awesome side dish to your bbq party or a quick lunch fix? An easy recipe that pretty much everyone can do! My kids helped me to peel eggs …

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cheese beef udon

Cheesy Beef Udon

Easy flavorful  weeknight meal for you and your family- try this cheesy beef udon noodles on a busy weekday night! If you love Udon as much as i love it- you will really enjoy this simple pasta dish. Udon is mostly known to be served in Japanese restaurants, but you can easily purchase it online …

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Avocado potato corn salad

Avocado potato salad

 Satisfying, flavorful, absolutely delicious. That is all about this Avocado Potato Salad! This salad is a little crunchy too. I added some celery for freshness and corn for sweetness. Plus my kids really cant live without having corn in every second dish. Corn could be fresh from the cob or canned like we used it …

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Tilapia rice noodles stir-fry recipe

Tilapia rice noodles stir-fry

Tender tilapia, cooked with your favorite vegetables over rice noodles- easy and delicious weekday dinner meal! This dish is so easy to make and even more easy to eat! Ask my kids. They just love rice noodles. That’s why its so many of them in the dish pictured (the actual recipe is calling for less- …

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pork ragu in instant pot

Instant pot pork ragu

Tender, flavorful and delicious pork ragu made in your Instant Pot. It only takes 25 minutes under the pressure to achieve this perfect tenderness and flavor! Pork is always a big hit in our house and its a go to recipe for a quick easy weeknight meal. Try it! You may also like these INSTANT …

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Beef blue cheese braided puff pastry recipe

Beef blue cheese braided puff pastry

Juicy beef mixed with caramelized mushrooms, onions and delicate blue cheese wrapped in delicious braided flaky puff pastry- all this is beef blue cheese braided puff pastry! All these holidays and Christmas trees, early shopping and ice rinks(we have one 20 minutes away!) can be overwhelming . Planning, menus, guests… you name it! How about …

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stir fry pork glass noodles

Glass noodles pork stir fry

Fresh and full of flavor, this glass noodles pork stir fry will become your favorite  quick lunch noodle bowl. Clear, cellophane noodles- whatever you call them, are delicious and widely popular in Thai and Chinese cuisine. Everybody have something in their pantry they can’t live without and sometimes it takes more place then should? Clear …

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Braised pork ragout with couscous

Braised pork ragout with couscous

Comforting flavorful braised pork ragout with delicious couscous, our family dinner favorite and absolutely toddlers approved! These dish falls into healthy category in my mind because first- couscous is naturally sugar free and fat free, great protein source and also rich in fiber. Easy to cook too! Just boil some water, then add couscous, turn …

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coconut milk skillet pork recipe

Coconut milk pork skillet

Who wants to try this flavorful and very tender coconut milk pork made in less than an hour? Its also cooked in a skillet, easy and delicious! Not too long time ago i made this Sticky Caramel Pork recipe and it was a hit! So i decided to make more pork recipes,to play with flavors …

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cream cheese salmon soup recipe

Cream cheese salmon soup

Easy, creamy and just delicious CREAM CHEESE salmon soup with rice for you whole family to enjoy! We love to have this soup on a cold evening( which is not not even a case here, in California right now), add some grilled piece of toast and a glass of wine( or juice, you know, for …

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meatball soup recipe

Winter mini meatball soup

So easy and delicious mini meatball soup that you and your kids-even toddlers- will love! Our family favorite! Every soup in my house is cooked from scratch. I don’t remember buying store bought chicken or beef stock for my soup, like, ever. It is SO easy to buy your own chicken or beef, separate it …

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creamy goat cheese pasta recipe

Creamy goat cheese salmon pasta

Delicate flavor and creamy texture- that’s what makes this goat cheese salmon pasta so good! Easy family dinner in less then 30 minutes- that’s the best part about quick pasta dishes. Salmon(wild caught) is a great source of Omega 3 fats and a great addition to pasta, also makes a great combination with goat cheese! …

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