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Creamy pumpkin soup (vegetarian)

Healthy, full of veggies and fall flavor- your favorite creamy pumpkin vegetarian soup! Fall holidays are already in the air, you can almost smell them! Farmers markets are filled with all kind of pumpkins, squashes, pears and apples! Mothers are cooking delicious pies and soups, that will warm their families on a cool fall weeknight. …

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Roasted eggplant and tomato salad

This roasted eggplant and tomato salad will surprise you with the fresh and delicate flavor. For this dish I used freshly picked eggplants and tomatoes(from my friends summer house garden). Nice crisp flavor is something I always enjoy from the backyard veggies. Especially when you know it’s 100% organic! You don’t need to roast eggplants …

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Korean beef Bulgogi

Your favorite Korean beef bulgogi recipe, so easy and flavorful! Bring some delicate Asian flavors right in to your kitchen! I love Korean food! Its always a pleasure to visit a Korean restaurant in San Francisco, or, to cook some Korean food at home! This classic dish is very easy to make and believe me, …

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Honey garlic lime glazed shrimp

Honey garlic lime glazed shrimp

Enjoy this yummy juicy honey garlic lime glazed shrimp! Kid friendly and adult approved! Honey and garlic is probably the most popular ingredient combination for delicious shrimp. You really cant go wrong with it! Add some lime to it like we do and the flavor will blow you away! My little toddlers lick the glaze …

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BLT tarts with goat cheese

You will love this little (but very filling) BLT tarts with goat cheese! Surprise your guests and family with quick and easy appetizer. I created this recipe thinking of a BLT sandwich…easy and delicious, simple but so satisfying. Puff pastry can be easily found in your grocery store, in frozen section( if you don’t mind …

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Creamy beef bell pepper pasta

Flavorful egg noodles with some creamy garlic Parmesan sauce- very easy and delicious weeknight 30 min dinner for the whole family. Not everyone has time to prepare fancy dishes for dinner, but everyone is hungry ! Try this creamy beef bell pepper pasta dish for your next family dinner or lunch( my husband and kids …

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Goat cheese mushroom tarts

Crunchy sweet and salty goat cheese mushroom tarts for a delicate afternoon treat! As soon as i found puff pastry dough in the frozen section of my local store, i couldn’t wait to use it! Tarts… thats what came to my mind first. I added some goat cheese for saltiness and cranberries for a sweet …

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Slow cooker pulled pork party dip

Slow cooker pulled pork dip

Easy,meaty, full of flavor slow cooker pulled pork party dip to share with best friends! Easy family dinner dip or a fantastic party dish! BBQ is one thing, but easy delicious dips are the must for a big party! Honestly, you can even put this dip on tortilla and have it for lunch…. Or serve …

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Angel hair alfredo salmon pasta

Creamy delicious  angel hair Alfredo salmon pasta for your next family dinner! Its good to have angel hair pasta on hand in your home pantry! It cooks very fast and tastes fantastic with a simple creamy Alfredo sauce. Sure you can use fettuccine noodles or linguini, it will not affect the flavor but will change …

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Salmon ceviche with avocado rose

A perfect combo for this fresh and so delicious salmon ceviche…. avocado, onions, lemon and…fresh salmon! Really rushed myself to make photos before my kids got their little hands right on that salmon. They love fish so much, I am sure it’s their  Russian roots talking . I love fish too. Can eat it every day …

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Kale chickpea salad

Kale chickpea salad

This kale chickpea salad goes very well with miso dressing and as a side to any chicken or beef dish. I used canned chickpeas in this recipe, but sure you can cook your own, it will taste even better! I also felt a bit lazy to make my own dressing today, so i used Miso …

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Queso fresco fresh salad

When you think of a nice fresh crisp salad, what comes to your mind? Probably some freshly picked cucumbers, juicy tomatoes, crispy onions or shallots, delicious avocado and lemon juice. Well, its all here. And a little bit more. Honestly I am not a big fan of feta cheese. Especially of a crumbled one. Dairy …

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Butternut squash kale linguine

Butternut squash kale linguine

Try to make this delicious healthy vegetarian pasta dish for your family on a week night! This butternut squash kale linguine dish is packed with flavor and veggies that your family and friends will love. Kale become so popular in the last few years, its hard to imagine a healthy diet without it! Kale is …

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beef stir fry asparagus recipe

Beef stir-fry with asparagus

Delicious flavorful beef stir-fry with crunchy asparagus for your next dinner! Today’s blog recipe is a beef stir-fry with asparagus. Sound pretty simple right? Well, it is an easy recipe but the flavors are fantastic. Use all the fresh ingredients and don’t forget to buy a high quality meat…its your key to success! Fresh delicious …

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