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Caramel cheesecake dessert hummus

Sweet dessert hummus with caramel dulce de leche cheesecake flavor, oh my! I honestly think that sweet dessert hummus suppose to be a new trend now! It is healthy, nutritious, perfect for dipping all kind of fruit and berries. My favorite are sliced apples! Crunchy sweet pieces of thinly sliced apple dipped in caramel cheesecake …

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broccoli detox smoothie

Broccoli detox smoothie

Healthy and filled with vitamins and minerals, this green broccoli detox smoothie will fit in any diet. Try it today! Broccoli in smoothie Never thought of putting broccoli in your smoothie? I have great news for you! If you add enough sweeteners and combine broccoli with your favorite fruits (broccoli-banana or broccoli-pineapple combo for example), …

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best valentines day breakfast ideas

Valentines Day breakfast ideas

14th of February is a beautiful day that we all want to celebrate with our loved ones. What could be better then saying I love you with a beautiful homemade breakfast! Here is 10  amazing Valentines day breakfast ideas for you!   Chocolate crêpes with Nutella and mixed berries are perfect for an indulgent brunch …

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post workout smoothie

Post workout smoothie

 Healthy delicious post workout smoothie will fill you up after your sport routine and help you boost your metabolism. January brings a lot of people in to the sport clubs and i was not an exception. Working hard on a treadmill and free weights area, taking group classes and sweating sweating sweating… that is all …

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Beef blue cheese braided puff pastry recipe

Beef blue cheese braided puff pastry

Juicy beef mixed with caramelized mushrooms, onions and delicate blue cheese wrapped in delicious braided flaky puff pastry- all this is beef blue cheese braided puff pastry! All these holidays and Christmas trees, early shopping and ice rinks(we have one 20 minutes away!) can be overwhelming . Planning, menus, guests… you name it! How about …

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sour cream carrot muffins recipe

Sour cream carrot muffins

Savory/sweet sour cream carrot muffins ready in 30 minutes! Less sugar and more nutrients! We like to have this muffins for breakfast. Mornings are getting colder here in California and its so hard now to wake up and drive my daughter to preschool at 7am… I am trying to grate carrots in the evening so …

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cream cheese strawberry bars recipe

Cream cheese strawberry bars

Moist velvety texture and strawberry brown sugar flavor-everything is in this cream cheese strawberry bars! Crunchy on the outside and chewy moist on the inside- we love to have this strawberry cream cheese bars for breakfast! Also a great add-on to your kids lunch box! If you prefer you can cook them in a round …

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mango cream cheese bread recipe

Mango cream cheese moist bread

Very moist mango cream cheese banana bread that will surprise you with candy like flavor(thanks to sweet mangoes) and incredible texture. There is so many banana bread recipes on the web, and a lot of them are really great! I wanted to make something unique and delicious, moist and mostly naturally sweetened. This mango cream …

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Healthy banana oatmeal cookies

My kids favorite healthy banana oatmeal cookies! Light and absolutely guilt free! Just 3 healthy ingredients, 20 minutes and you will have a quick breakfast option or a snack in the go! My little kids love this cookies a lot. I have to admit this is not your average sweet cookie , you really can …

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Goat cheese mushroom tarts

Crunchy sweet and salty goat cheese mushroom tarts for a delicate afternoon treat! As soon as i found puff pastry dough in the frozen section of my local store, i couldn’t wait to use it! Tarts… thats what came to my mind first. I added some goat cheese for saltiness and cranberries for a sweet …

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Easy breakfast potato cakes

Fast and easy breakfast potato cakes for your morning meal. Made out of simple ingredients and take no more than 20 min to make! Potato cakes in general is a very filling dish. It will definitely help you not to feel hungry till lunch. Also great for a school lunch or breakfast box! We like …

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chocolate banana yogurt waffles

Chocolate banana yogurt waffles

Your new favorite delicious chocolate banana yogurt waffles. Try this easy recipe for your next weekend family breakfast! If you want to add a bit of nutty flavor, instead of cacao powder add 1 tbsp of your favorite chocolate nut spread ( Nutella?). Or you can just top your waffles with Nutella for an extra …

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Strawberry yogurt banana muffins

Quick, healthy and absolutely kid friendly strawberry yogurt banana muffins will surprise you with fantastic flavor! I had a couple overripe bananas, fresh strawberries from our local farm and a big cup of yogurt… perfect combo for some muffins! Kiana (3 y.o.) helped me out mashing bananas and Tyler(1,5y.o)  was mixing  the dough with a …

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Vanilla yogurt cherry pancakes

We never skip breakfast in the morning. Wait, how can you ever skip vanilla yogurt cherry pancakes ? They are delicious, light and sugar free( see your yogurt ingredient list for a sugar content ). The recipe calls for banana too, thats what makes pancakes so sweet. And sure while cherries are in season , I like …

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Blueberry smoothie bowl

I just love this blueberry smoothie bowl. Пост на русском языке можно найти здесь(черничный смузи боул) Making smoothie bowls it’s not just a way to prepare a healthy vitamins filled delicious breakfast , but also a chance to use your creativity and art skills. Use juicy fruits and berries to top your dish, bright flowers …

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Blueberry strawberry smoothie

Blueberry strawberry smoothie

Full of antioxidants and vitamins fresh spring smoothie! Who wants this yummy, satisfyingly  sweet blueberry strawberry smoothie? Let me tell you,I already got prepared for the winter season really well this summer. We went on a u-pick organic farm where we picked SO much blueberries, it’s not even funny . Had to invest in extra …

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green smoothie bowl with avocado

Green smoothie bowl with avocado

Easy, delicious and healthy- you will find all of these in Green smoothie bowl with avocado! My whole family loves it, especially kids. Try it, treat yourself! Try this delicious smoothie bowl recipe with lots of healthy fats in it! © 2017 BerryMaple. All rights reserved. All images & content are copyright protected. If you …

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