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Matcha green superfood smoothie

For all green tea lovers- try this Matcha green superfood smoothie! Deep flavor and gorgeous creamy green color- that’s what makes this smoothie shine! My kids drink smoothies daily. Every morning i make a huge amount of smoothie (in my Vitamix), pour it in two 24oz jars and drink it through the day. Matcha may …

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Kale chickpea salad

Kale chickpea salad

This kale chickpea salad goes very well with miso dressing and as a side to any chicken or beef dish. I used canned chickpeas in this recipe, but sure you can cook your own, it will taste even better! I also felt a bit lazy to make my own dressing today, so i used Miso …

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Queso fresco fresh salad

When you think of a nice fresh crisp salad, what comes to your mind? Probably some freshly picked cucumbers, juicy tomatoes, crispy onions or shallots, delicious avocado and lemon juice. Well, its all here. And a little bit more. Honestly I am not a big fan of feta cheese. Especially of a crumbled one. Dairy …

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Blueberry smoothie bowl

I just love this blueberry smoothie bowl. Пост на русском языке можно найти здесь(черничный смузи боул) Making smoothie bowls it’s not just a way to prepare a healthy vitamins filled delicious breakfast , but also a chance to use your creativity and art skills. Use juicy fruits and berries to top your dish, bright flowers …

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Шоколадные медальоны с сухофруктами

Fruity chocolate candies

To start with, I wasn’t sure how to call this little yummy chocolaty treats. Dark chocolate drops? Fruit & Nut pieces????? Well, at some point I figured they look like medallions , so here they are- fruity chocolate medallions ! I used dark Trader Joe’s chocolate  to make them almost guilt-free, and dried apricots, blueberries,papaya …

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Butternut squash kale linguine

Butternut squash kale linguine

Try to make this delicious healthy vegetarian pasta dish for your family on a week night! This butternut squash kale linguine dish is packed with flavor and veggies that your family and friends will love. Kale become so popular in the last few years, its hard to imagine a healthy diet without it! Kale is …

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Blueberry strawberry smoothie

Blueberry strawberry smoothie

Full of antioxidants and vitamins fresh spring smoothie! Who wants this yummy, satisfyingly  sweet blueberry strawberry smoothie? Let me tell you,I already got prepared for the winter season really well this summer. We went on a u-pick organic farm where we picked SO much blueberries, it’s not even funny . Had to invest in extra …

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Chocolate fruit and berry dip

Lets talk about dips today. How do you eat your fruits and berries? What about celery and carrot sticks? In my family we eat fresh fruits daily, no need in a dip…but sometimes,you know, my kids ask for an extra flavor,and here it comes! Easy healthy chocolate fruit and berry dip! The dip is great …

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green smoothie bowl with avocado

Green smoothie bowl with avocado

Easy, delicious and healthy- you will find all of these in Green smoothie bowl with avocado! My whole family loves it, especially kids. Try it, treat yourself! Try this delicious smoothie bowl recipe with lots of healthy fats in it! © 2017 BerryMaple. All rights reserved. All images & content are copyright protected. If you …

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beef stir fry asparagus recipe

Beef stir-fry with asparagus

Delicious flavorful beef stir-fry with crunchy asparagus for your next dinner! Today’s blog recipe is a beef stir-fry with asparagus. Sound pretty simple right? Well, it is an easy recipe but the flavors are fantastic. Use all the fresh ingredients and don’t forget to buy a high quality meat…its your key to success! Fresh delicious …

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Easy Blueberry Popsicles

Hot weather will come before you even know that! Beat heat with this easy blueberry popsicles! Here ,in California, its getting pretty hot in the afternoon, and the best thing to cool down is to eat some delicious cold popsicles made with fresh fruit and berries! I picked all this blueberries with the help of …

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Blue smoothie bowl

Blue Smoothie bowl

hey! today i would like to share a blue smoothie bowl recipe with you guys!  So basically it can be any kind of recipe of a smoothie bowl, only make sure its light in color. No strawberries or cherries! Pineapples, bananas, mangoes…or even apples, as long as your fruit doesn’t have bright colors- you can …

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Berry watermelon smoothie

Berry watermelon smoothie

Crisp and oh so fresh watermelon flavor combined with berries make this berry watermelon smoothie so outstanding! The recipe for this berry watermelon smoothie is simple as always! I know, fresh organic watermelons are not available everywhere , but if you have a chance to get one, try to make this smoothie! Fresh crispy flavor …

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