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5 juicy delicious popsicle recipes

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My favorite part about summer is that you can eat all kind of popsicles and ice creams guilt free (well, you know, that’s just the way to cool off right ?;)

popsicles recipes

Here I want to share with you a list of 5 popular popsicle recipes from BerryMaple Organic blog ! I got a lot of  attention on this posts once summer came and thermometer skyrocketed to 100F … Thank you for the interest to my recipes and… lets go!

Banana strawberry coconut popsicles

Beautiful double colored banana strawberry coconut popsicles is a perfect summer treat for everyone!

banana strawberry coconut popsicles

Watermelon lime honey popsicles

Easy 3 ingredient popsicles recipe to cool you down on a hot day( absolutely kids approved!).

watermelon popsicles

Apple juice fruit popsicles

For this recipe, you truly don’t have to do anything. Not kidding ! Juice ice pops recipe requires just any kind of juice and fruits!


Easy Blueberry Popsicles

So full of blueberries and flavor, a must for the hot weather!

Banana cherry sugar free popsicles

Guilt free and simply delicious, this pops will let you have a summer treat without that extra calories.

Thank you and enjoy your summer !!!