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Air fryer french fries (fresh or frozen)

Lovely homemade air fryer french fries, that you can make from fresh or frozen potatoes! Crunchy, easy and healthy! Totally kid friendly side dish and great for a group of friends or a party! Who […]

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Brown sugar substitutes

The next time you will want to make that favorite recipe that calls for brown sugar but find out you have no brown sugar. These brown sugar substitutes shall help you find an alternative. Brown […]

easy sauteed vegetables
Side dish, vegetarian

Easy sauteed vegetables

This easy flavorful sauteed vegetables will make a perfect side dish or a meal itself. What are best vegetables to saute? onions mushrooms zucchinis bell peppers greens (chard, kale, spinach) eggplants broccoli any kind of […]

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How to store avocado

Having avocados on hand is an excellent way to enjoy this healthy treat in your favorite recipes. Avocados are a favorite treat that many people enjoy using for delicious salads or side dips for their […]