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Air fryer Purple plan recipes (Weight watchers)

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Enjoy this list of delicious Air fryer recipes with smart points calculated for the purple plan. Purple plan has a nice big list of Zeropoints, so you make sure to include all that meals in your daily menu as well.

MyWW™ Purple Plan used to have a different name in previous years, A Simply filling plan. It has the most zero points food options , over 300 items! It includes all kinds of seafood, tofu, chicken and turkey breast,eggs, vegetable including corn, sweet potatoes and purple potatoes, whole grains like brown rice, oatmeal, whole wheat pasta. All kinds of fruits are also ZEROPOINTS on purple plan.

Weight watchers purple plan recipes for air fryer

Air fryer weight watchers purple plan recipes

The plan allows you the least amount of daily points. But when you have SO MUCH dishes free of points, this plan sounds like dream.

1. Air fryer salmon patties

Try this Air fryer salmon cakes, so delicious and healthy! Keto, paleo, whole30 and low carb. You can make this salmon patties from frozen and from fresh salmon fish fillets. 0 Purple plan point per serving.

2. Air fryer turkey breast tenderloin

Delicious juicy turkey breast tenderloin in you air fryer in less then 30 minutes! 0 Purple plan point per serving.

3. Air fryer garlic lime shrimp kebabs

Flavorful easy Air Fryer shrimp skewers kebabs with lime and garlic. Low carb, Paleo, Whole30 and Keto friendly! 0 Purple plan point per serving.

4. Air fryer salmon fillets

Perfect air fryer salmon fillet cooked from fresh or frozen fish. Infused with lemon and covered with Greek yogurt garlic sauce, this recipe will become your favorite. 1 Purple plan point per serving.

5. Air fryer kale chips

Crispy healthy low carb keto snack for every air fryer lover. Air fried kale chips! Perfect snack on the go with a nice crunch. Keto, Whole30 friendly. 1 Purple plan point per serving.

6. Air fryer grilled asparagus

Try this easy and quick air fryer asparagus recipe that is Keto and weight watchers friendly! Great healthy side dish for your dinner and the best alternative to the potato fries. 0 Purple plan point per serving.

7. Air fryer vegetable kebabs

Healthy low carb air fryer vegetable kebabs that are so simple and quick to make, in just about 10 minutes! This vegan air fryer skewers are whole 30 , gluten free, paleo and very in low calories too! 0 Purple plan point per serving.

8. Air fryer cornish hen with crispy skin

Delicious juicy Cornish hen in your air fryer, the best recipe for crispy skin and fantastic flavor! 5 Purple plan point per serving.

9. Air fryer Parmesan Brussels sprouts

Try this delicious crispy air fryer brussels sprouts with Parmesan cheese! This recipe is so easy and quick, also healthy. 1 Purple plan point per serving

10. Air fryer juicy meatballs

Juicy healthy ground beef air fryer meatballs. Use them as an appetizer, try them as a main dish or just cook this little meatballs for your kids, they love it! You can use chicken or turkey in this recipe too. 2 Purple plan point per serving.

11. Air fryer healthy cod fillets

Healthy low carb white fish recipe for the dinner or lunch, air fryer lemon cod fillets! No breading required, keto and weight watchers friendly. Cook it from frozen too! 0 Purple plan point per serving.

12. Air fryer apple chips

Super easy and crunchy snack for everyone, this air fryer chips are healthy too! No sweeteners, no oil, just fruit and cinnamon. Ready in less then 20 minutes from start to finish. 0 Purple plan point per serving.

13. Air fryer chicken cheese quesadilla

Perfect breakfast air fryer cheese quesadilla with leftover chicken! Great quick recipe that is very easy to make , kid friendly and even a beginner can make it. So nice and cheesy! 6 Purple plan point per serving.

14. Air fryer hard boiled eggs

Easy to peel, perfect every time hard boiled eggs for breakfast or salad ! 0 Purple plan point per serving.

15. Air fryer corn on the cob

Juicy crunchy perfect air fryer corn on the cob recipe. Easy and ready under 10 minutes! I promise, this will become your go to recipe for a sweet side dish corn for your air fryer. 1 Purple plan point per serving.

16. Air fryer roasted buffalo cauliflower

Easy to make and great for a party! Try this low carb, guilt free air fryer buffalo cauliflower bites. 6 Purple plan point per serving.

17. Air fryer bbq chicken wings

Easy, ready in 30 minutes, this BBQ Air fryer chicken wings are great for a party and for a family dinner. 8 Purple plan point per serving.

18. Air fryer cinnamon baked apples

Try this soft and sweet cinnamon air fryer baked apples for your next dessert! Impress your guests and family with this easy to make recipe. 6 Purple plan point per serving.

19. Air fryer hamburgers

In this post you will learn how to make juicy hamburgers in your air fryer from frozen or fresh beef or turkey patties. 8 Purple plan point per serving.

20. Air fryer oreos

Did you know you can make fried Oreos in your air fryer? What a fantastic dessert and every kid and adult will love it. 3 Purple plan point per serving.

cooked corn in the hand
Instant pot corn on the cob in husk
fried mini apple pie in hand
Mini apple pies in air fryer