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A large variety of appetizer recipes from BerryMaple! Here you find party meatballs, that are so juicy and so easy to make. Or maybe my mushroom tarts, party and holiday friendly.

Enjoy the recipes and come back for more, new recipes every week!

Best air fryer appetizers

In this post i want to show you that best appetizers are made in the Air Fryer! They are crunchy, some are sticky, crowd pleasing treats. This collection include appetizers like chicken wings, avocado and french fries, chicken drumsticks and much more. Constantly updated list of my best Air Fryer Appetizers recipes! Air fryer teriyaki …

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Air fryer salmon patties

Try this Air fryer salmon cakes, so delicious and healthy! Keto, paleo, whole30 and low carb. You can make this salmon patties from frozen and from fresh salmon fish fillets. Dont forget a touch of lemon! For Weight watchers: myWW green plan 4 points,myWW blue plan 0 points,myWW purple plan 0 points per serving Ok …

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Air fryer party recipes

If you own an air fryer, you must already know that this is the best kitchen appliance for big parties! Super bowl is a big one, and to make your life easier i created this Air fryer party food recipes roundup! Recipes for a crowd! Easy, ready in 30 minutes, this BBQ Air fryer chicken …

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Air fryer vegetable kebabs

Healthy low carb air fryer vegetable kebabs that are so simple and quick to make, in just about 10 minutes! This vegan air fryer skewers are whole 30 , gluten free, paleo and very in low calories too! Weight watchers 0 smart points! Try this vegetable recipe for your air fryer! Healthy and great as …

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Air fryer BBQ chicken wings

Easy, ready in 30 minutes, this BBQ Air fryer chicken wings are great for a party and for a family dinner!  Crunchy wings dipped in your favorite sauce- what could be better? Our Air Fryer cooking journey is getting better and better. Who doesn’t like chicken wings? Crunchy, juicy, flavorful wings made with BBQ sauce? …

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Caramel cheesecake dessert hummus

Sweet dessert hummus with caramel dulce de leche cheesecake flavor, oh my! I honestly think that sweet dessert hummus suppose to be a new trend now! It is healthy, nutritious, perfect for dipping all kind of fruit and berries. My favorite are sliced apples! Crunchy sweet pieces of thinly sliced apple dipped in caramel cheesecake …

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Beef blue cheese braided puff pastry recipe

Beef blue cheese braided puff pastry

Juicy beef mixed with caramelized mushrooms, onions and delicate blue cheese wrapped in delicious braided flaky puff pastry- all this is beef blue cheese braided puff pastry! All these holidays and Christmas trees, early shopping and ice rinks(we have one 20 minutes away!) can be overwhelming . Planning, menus, guests… you name it! How about …

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Honey garlic lime glazed shrimp

Honey garlic lime glazed shrimp

Enjoy this yummy juicy honey garlic lime glazed shrimp! Kid friendly and adult approved! Honey and garlic is probably the most popular ingredient combination for delicious shrimp. You really cant go wrong with it! Add some lime to it like we do and the flavor will blow you away! My little toddlers lick the glaze …

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BLT tarts with goat cheese

You will love this little (but very filling) BLT tarts with goat cheese! Surprise your guests and family with quick and easy appetizer. I created this recipe thinking of a BLT sandwich…easy and delicious, simple but so satisfying. Puff pastry can be easily found in your grocery store, in frozen section( if you don’t mind …

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Goat cheese mushroom tarts

Crunchy sweet and salty goat cheese mushroom tarts for a delicate afternoon treat! As soon as i found puff pastry dough in the frozen section of my local store, i couldn’t wait to use it! Tarts… thats what came to my mind first. I added some goat cheese for saltiness and cranberries for a sweet …

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Slow cooker pulled pork party dip

Slow cooker pulled pork dip

Easy,meaty, full of flavor slow cooker pulled pork party dip to share with best friends! Easy family dinner dip or a fantastic party dish! BBQ is one thing, but easy delicious dips are the must for a big party! Honestly, you can even put this dip on tortilla and have it for lunch…. Or serve …

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Easy breakfast potato cakes

Fast and easy breakfast potato cakes for your morning meal. Made out of simple ingredients and take no more than 20 min to make! Potato cakes in general is a very filling dish. It will definitely help you not to feel hungry till lunch. Also great for a school lunch or breakfast box! We like …

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Salmon ceviche with avocado rose

A perfect combo for this fresh and so delicious salmon ceviche…. avocado, onions, lemon and…fresh salmon! Really rushed myself to make photos before my kids got their little hands right on that salmon. They love fish so much, I am sure it’s their  Russian roots talking . I love fish too. Can eat it every day …

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