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Side dish

A good side dish is a must on any dinner table. It could be grilled veggies, a nice bowl of salad or just about anything that you like.

On BerryMaple i have a large variety of holiday side dishes like creamed corn or Maple roasted brussels sprouts. Also try my side dishes that are made in the air fryer or instant pot!


Easy Irish Colcannon

Easy and quick Irish traditional Colcannon recipe that is creamy and so delicious! You will love the mix of potatoes and cabbage in this dish any time of the year, especially on st.Patrick’s day! Even that the recipe is Irish, it remind me of my home back in Russia. There we are always making lots …

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cranberry sauce in a spoon

Easy cranberry sauce recipe

Delicious tart and sweet at the same time cranberry sauce made in the stove. Top it your favorite Thanksgiving turkey or use leftovers in sandwiches and quesadillas! Cranberry sauce is a must on every Thanksgiving or Christmas table. Cranberries are in season now and you can find them fresh or frozen in every grocery store. …

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Mashed sweet potatoes in a bowl

Instant Pot mashed sweet potatoes

Healthy mashed sweet potatoes made in your instant pot is a delicious side dish for any occasion. Perfect for Thanksgiving or any other major Holidays. I was cooking these sweet potatoes with Thanksgiving in my mind. This dish will be a great substitue foro tradittional mashed potatoes and it will be a great adittion to …

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Maple roasted brussels sprouts

Easy roasted brussels sprouts recipe with maple glaze is a delicious side dish for holidays or a weeknight dinner. Thanksgiving, Christmas… treat your guests with this healthy sweet and crunchy baked dish. Not everybody loves Brussels sprouts. But trust me, this recipe is different. Roasting sprouts is probably the easiest way of cooking them, all …

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Buttery garlic sauteed green beans

Healthy fresh green beans sauteed on the skillet with garlic and butter recipe! This easy stovetop dish will become your favorite side dish at Thanksgiving, Christmas or any other family dinner. Quick and kid friendly. Delicious crunchy green beans sauteed with garlic and butter! Sound yummy even for my kids who dint usualy like green …

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corn creamy

Easy creamed corn recipe

Easy stovetop recipe for homemade creamed corn that will your best side dish for any occasion, from holidays to weeknight dinner. Made from frozen or fresh corn, with lots of cheese and cream in the skillet or pot! Creamed corn is a classic Thanksgiving or Christmas side dish that is also widely used as a …

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Instant pot mashed butternut squash

Easy delicious side dish for you pressure cooker- Instant pot warm spiced mashed butternut squash. Great for holidays and for a weeknight quick dinner side option. Vegetarian, sweet and comforting! For weight watchers points: myWW green plan 3 points, blue plan 3 points, purple 3 points ( all calculations are done by adding ingredients to …

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easy sauteed vegetables

Easy sauteed vegetables

This easy flavorful sauteed vegetables will make a perfect side dish or a meal itself. What are best vegetables to saute? onions mushrooms zucchinis bell peppers greens (chard, kale, spinach) eggplants broccoli any kind of squash We always have vegetables in our fridge. Especially zucchinis- they make perfect frittatas and fries too! Low calorie and …

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potato egg salad with corn

Potato egg salad

A little twist on a classic potato egg salad- an added corn gives it some freshness and a sweet bite! Who doesn’t like potato egg salad? An awesome side dish to your bbq party or a quick lunch fix? An easy recipe that pretty much everyone can do! My kids helped me to peel eggs …

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Avocado potato corn salad

Avocado potato salad

 Satisfying, flavorful, absolutely delicious. That is all about this Avocado Potato Salad! This salad is a little crunchy too. I added some celery for freshness and corn for sweetness. Plus my kids really cant live without having corn in every second dish. Corn could be fresh from the cob or canned like we used it …

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