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Chicken recipes are the most popular recipes around the web and you can find plenty of delicious poultry meals on my site as well.

Did you try to make your own rotisserie chicken in an air fryer? Or maybe yummy chicken kebabs, perfect for summer or any other time of the year.


caramelized orange chicken recipe

Sticky caramelized orange chicken

Sticky, sweet, tasty caramelized orange chicken that is so full of citrus flavor. A great healthy dinner idea for the whole family, especially kids, they love this chicken. We just love caramelizing in this house. In a last few weeks i already tried to make: Sweet caramelized pork with rice and Caramelized sweet beef with …

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whole chicken air fryer

Air fryer rotisserie chicken

Try this amazingly easy recipe for air fryer chicken rotisserie style in the comfort of your own kitchen. Superb quality juicy meat and extra crispy skin, its what i call a perfect dinner! MyWW green plan, blue plan and purple plans points are listed in the notes of the recipe card, specified by the part …

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Easy smoked whole chicken

Smoked whole chicken recipe that is great for your electric or charcoal smoker! Easy, juicy and beginners friendly recipe! How to smoke a perfect whole chicken? Knowing how to smoke a perfect whole chicken can sound a little intimidating. You’ll first need to understand that there are a lot of variables when it comes to …

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Keto chicken crust pizza

Low carb keto easy and delicious chicken crust pizza topped with veggies! Made with ground chicken, shredded cheese and veggies, it will quickly become your family favorite. (originally published on October 27/2017) Delicious, low carb chicken crust- eat pizza at any time of the day without guilt but with all that flavors that real pizza …

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Greek chicken kabobs

Thanks to Foster Farms for sponsoring this post. Lovely delicious Greek chicken kabobs made in the oven!  Juicy tender pieces of marinated chicken breasts will make you fall in love with this dish. Great flavors combined in one delicious meal! MyWW green plan 5 points, blue plan 2 points, purple 2 points ( all calculations …

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Air fryer BBQ chicken wings

Easy, ready in 30 minutes, this BBQ Air fryer chicken wings are great for a party and for a family dinner!  Crunchy wings dipped in your favorite sauce- what could be better? Our Air Fryer cooking journey is getting better and better. Who doesn’t like chicken wings? Crunchy, juicy, flavorful wings made with BBQ sauce? …

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chicken noodle soup instant pot recipe

Instant pot chicken noodle soup

Delicious and full of flavor chicken noodle soup made in your amazing Instant Pot! What is the favorite winter meal? Probably most of us will say that its soup. What is the most popular kitchen gadget this year? Instant pot, no doubt! Cooking soup in Instant Pot is easy, time saving, the soup always comes …

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