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cheese beef udon

Cheesy Beef Udon

Easy flavorful  weeknight meal for you and your family- try this cheesy beef udon noodles on a busy weekday night! If you love Udon as much as i love it- you will really enjoy this simple pasta dish. Udon is mostly known to be served in Japanese restaurants, but you can easily purchase it online …

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Tilapia rice noodles stir-fry recipe

Tilapia rice noodles stir-fry

Tender tilapia, cooked with your favorite vegetables over rice noodles- easy and delicious weekday dinner meal! This dish is so easy to make and even more easy to eat! Ask my kids. They just love rice noodles. That’s why its so many of them in the dish pictured (the actual recipe is calling for less- …

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stir fry pork glass noodles

Glass noodles pork stir fry

Fresh and full of flavor, this glass noodles pork stir fry will become your favorite  quick lunch noodle bowl. Clear, cellophane noodles- whatever you call them, are delicious and widely popular in Thai and Chinese cuisine. Everybody have something in their pantry they can’t live without and sometimes it takes more place then should? Clear …

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creamy goat cheese pasta recipe

Creamy goat cheese salmon pasta

Delicate flavor and creamy texture- that’s what makes this goat cheese salmon pasta so good! Easy family dinner in less then 30 minutes- that’s the best part about quick pasta dishes. Salmon(wild caught) is a great source of Omega 3 fats and a great addition to pasta, also makes a great combination with goat cheese! …

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Creamy beef bell pepper pasta

Flavorful egg noodles with some creamy garlic Parmesan sauce- very easy and delicious weeknight 30 min dinner for the whole family. Not everyone has time to prepare fancy dishes for dinner, but everyone is hungry ! Try this creamy beef bell pepper pasta dish for your next family dinner or lunch( my husband and kids …

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Angel hair alfredo salmon pasta

Creamy delicious  angel hair Alfredo salmon pasta for your next family dinner! Its good to have angel hair pasta on hand in your home pantry! It cooks very fast and tastes fantastic with a simple creamy Alfredo sauce. Sure you can use fettuccine noodles or linguini, it will not affect the flavor but will change …

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