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Mango cream cheese moist bread

Very moist mango cream cheese banana bread that will surprise you with candy like flavor(thanks to sweet mangoes) and incredible texture. There is so many banana bread recipes on the web, and a lot of them are really great! I wanted to make something unique and delicious, moist and mostly naturally sweetened. This mango cream …

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Mixed berry smoothie ( vegan, gluten free)

Very light and easy mixed berry smoothie for your next busy breakfast. The summer was great, wasn’t it? Sun, fresh fruits, berries and lots of smoothies and iced drinks . Did you freeze any farmers market goods? I sure did?? To help me survive through those not berry friendly months, i froze lots of strawberries, …

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Banana strawberry coconut popsicles

Beautiful double colored banana strawberry coconut popsicles is a perfect summer treat for everyone! So refreshing and so full of coconut flavor, this popsicles will be a fantastic treat for kids and their parents. The summer is already here, refresh yourself with some homemade popsicles! Actually banana and strawberry is one of my most favorite …

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Strawberry yogurt banana muffins

Quick, healthy and absolutely kid friendly strawberry yogurt banana muffins will surprise you with fantastic flavor! I had a couple overripe bananas, fresh strawberries from our local farm and a big cup of yogurt… perfect combo for some muffins! Kiana (3 y.o.) helped me out mashing bananas and Tyler(1,5y.o)  was mixing  the dough with a …

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Freezer strawberry greens smoothie packs

Drinking smoothie for breakfast is for sure a great habit to have. But what stop us from making a delicious smoothie on a busy morning before work? Time. To be exact- NO time. If you do meal preps on Sundays, you must be familiar with the convenience it gives you. Same with smoothies( actually even …

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Blueberry smoothie bowl

I just love this blueberry smoothie bowl. Пост на русском языке можно найти здесь(черничный смузи боул) Making smoothie bowls it’s not just a way to prepare a healthy vitamins filled delicious breakfast , but also a chance to use your creativity and art skills. Use juicy fruits and berries to top your dish, bright flowers …

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