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mango cream cheese bread recipe

Mango cream cheese moist bread

Very moist mango cream cheese banana bread that will surprise you with candy like flavor(thanks to sweet mangoes) and incredible texture. There is so many banana bread recipes on the web, and a lot of them are really great! I wanted to make something unique and delicious, moist and mostly naturally sweetened. This mango cream …

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Healthy banana oatmeal cookies

My kids favorite healthy banana oatmeal cookies! Light and absolutely guilt free! Just 3 healthy ingredients, 20 minutes and you will have a quick breakfast option or a snack in the go! My little kids love this cookies a lot. I have to admit this is not your average sweet cookie , you really can …

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Watermelon lime honey popsicles

Easy 3 ingredient popsicles recipe to cool you down on a hot day( absolutely kids approved!). What do you do when it’s 110F outside and your AC is struggling to keep the temperature in a low 80s in the house… Kids approved , absolutely delicious and crispy fresh- watermelon lime honey popsicles ! Time to …

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banana strawberry coconut popsicles

Banana strawberry coconut popsicles

Beautiful double colored banana strawberry coconut popsicles is a perfect summer treat for everyone! So refreshing and so full of coconut flavor, this popsicles will be a fantastic treat for kids and their parents. The summer is already here, refresh yourself with some homemade popsicles! Actually banana and strawberry is one of my most favorite …

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chocolate banana yogurt waffles

Chocolate banana yogurt waffles

Your new favorite delicious chocolate banana yogurt waffles. Try this easy recipe for your next weekend family breakfast! If you want to add a bit of nutty flavor, instead of cacao powder add 1 tbsp of your favorite chocolate nut spread ( Nutella?). Or you can just top your waffles with Nutella for an extra …

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Strawberry yogurt banana muffins

Quick, healthy and absolutely kid friendly strawberry yogurt banana muffins will surprise you with fantastic flavor! I had a couple overripe bananas, fresh strawberries from our local farm and a big cup of yogurt… perfect combo for some muffins! Kiana (3 y.o.) helped me out mashing bananas and Tyler(1,5y.o)  was mixing  the dough with a …

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Apple juice fruit popsicles

For this recipe, you truly don’t have to do anything. Not kidding ! Apple juice fruit popsicles require just any kind of juice and fruits! You sure can make it more fancy by using fresh squeezed juice( especially when everything in season), but I chose an easy way today, and my kids really loved it! …

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Шоколадные медальоны с сухофруктами

Fruity chocolate candies

To start with, I wasn’t sure how to call this little yummy chocolaty treats. Dark chocolate drops? Fruit & Nut pieces????? Well, at some point I figured they look like medallions , so here they are- fruity chocolate medallions ! I used dark Trader Joe’s chocolate  to make them almost guilt-free, and dried apricots, blueberries,papaya …

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Chocolate fruit and berry dip

Lets talk about dips today. How do you eat your fruits and berries? What about celery and carrot sticks? In my family we eat fresh fruits daily, no need in a dip…but sometimes,you know, my kids ask for an extra flavor,and here it comes! Easy healthy chocolate fruit and berry dip! The dip is great …

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Easy Blueberry Popsicles

Hot weather will come before you even know that! Beat heat with this easy blueberry popsicles! Here ,in California, its getting pretty hot in the afternoon, and the best thing to cool down is to eat some delicious cold popsicles made with fresh fruit and berries! I picked all this blueberries with the help of …

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