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Best Instant Pot Accessories that Everyone Should Have

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It’s no surprise that the Instant Pot has taken the world by storm. Why wouldn’t it? It can literally cook most food in half the time as other traditional cooking methods, plus it tends to do the majority of the work for you as well.
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While the Instant Pot is great on its own, there are so many amazing Instant Pot accessories that could make your cooking experience even better!
If you’ve been looking for ways to increase your Instant Pot use, here are a few accessories to consider so you can spend less time in the kitchen and more time doing the things that you want.

Instant Pot Accessories that Everyone Should Have

  • Silicon Egg Molds. With the use of this Instant Pot accessory, you can have perfectly cooked eggs for breakfast in no time. Plus, the clean up is an absolute breeze!
  • Tempered Glass Lid. If you find that you like to really keep on eye on what’s cooking inside the Instant Pot, this see-through lid will be a great addition for you to have.
  • Instant Pot Mini Mitts. Don’t take the chance of getting burnt or losing grip of the pot. These mini mitts are perfect to keep you and your hands safe!
  • Stackable Egg Steamer. Say goodbye to hard-boiling those eggs on the stove and hello to the ease of the Instant Pot. With this stackable egg steamer, you can do a ton of eggs in no time at all.
  • Silicone Sealing Rings. You can never have enough extras of these. When you need to replace those seals, these are the way to go!
  • The Instant Pot Pressure Cooker Cookbook. Having a great recipe book is one of the best accessories there is! Jam-packed full of a ton of recipes, you’ll never wonder what to cook for dinner again.
  • Non-stick Cake Pan. Everyone loves making and eating cake, so it would only make sense to have this awesome non-stick cake pan accessory for your Instant Pot.
  • Instant Pot Steam Release. With all the steam coming from your Instant Pot, this addition can be a great way to direct it up and away from you and other items that are near or on the counter.
  • Travel Bag. How many times have you wanted to take your Instant Pot with you somewhere but were worried about how it would travel? With this travel bag, those worries and wonders are gone. Simple to load up and carry, you can rest easy knowing that your travel bag can and will go anywhere with you that you want to take it.
  • Vegetable Steamer Basket. Finding ways to feed your family more vegetables have never been more simple with this vegetable steam basket. It fits perfectly inside your Instant Pot and creates delicious steamed veggies each and every time.
  •  Watercolor Vegan Fresh Veggies – Full Color Vinyl Decal Sticker for Instant Pot Instapot Pressure Cooker . Check for more stickers!

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When it comes to finding ways to use your Instant Pot, there are literally too many to count! Having a good set of accessories can not only help make it easier to use, but it can also open up your mind to the varying recipes that you are wanting to make. Think outside the box of your normal meal-planning menu and see how you can get creative using some of these accessories. You may be surprised at how many more options you and your family would love to explore if you just take a few steps outside your cooking comfort zone.

And don’t worry too much, whatever you decide to make, the Instant Pot has your back. There are very few recipes that are difficult and for the most part, once you add the ingredients, it does the rest of the work itself! Like in Old fashioned beef and vegetable soup in Instant Pot ( STEW) and in  Instant pot pork roast and potatoes