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Chocolate bar yogurt popsicles

Fantastic homemade chocolate bar yogurt popsicles made with only 2 ingredients for an outstanding hot weather kid friendly treat! I am excited to announce that the summer is finally here, in Northern California. Water parks are open and kids are outside playing in the backyard all day long. Homemade Popsicle season is open! Its so …

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Eggnog cranberry popsicles recipe #popsicle#cranberry#eggnog#holidays#winterpopsicles

Eggnog cranberry popsicles

Surprise your guests with these festive holiday themed eggnog cranberry popsicles! Have you ever tried eggnog popsicles? Let me tell you,  i didn’t until i created this recipe. I cant really call it a real recipe, since all i did was blending cranberries and eggnog together in my Vitamix. If you dont have a high …

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Watermelon lime honey popsicles

Easy 3 ingredient popsicles recipe to cool you down on a hot day( absolutely kids approved!). What do you do when it’s 110F outside and your AC is struggling to keep the temperature in a low 80s in the house… Kids approved , absolutely delicious and crispy fresh- watermelon lime honey popsicles ! Time to …

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banana strawberry coconut popsicles

Banana strawberry coconut popsicles

Beautiful double colored banana strawberry coconut popsicles is a perfect summer treat for everyone! So refreshing and so full of coconut flavor, this popsicles will be a fantastic treat for kids and their parents. The summer is already here, refresh yourself with some homemade popsicles! Actually banana and strawberry is one of my most favorite …

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Apple juice fruit popsicles

For this recipe, you truly don’t have to do anything. Not kidding ! Apple juice fruit popsicles require just any kind of juice and fruits! You sure can make it more fancy by using fresh squeezed juice( especially when everything in season), but I chose an easy way today, and my kids really loved it! …

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