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Butter blueberry muffins

Breakfast favorite! Delicious easy homemade butter blueberry muffins that are ready in 35 minutes! A bit crunchy on the outside and moist  inside, yum! Family favorite, classic blueberry muffin recipe will not leave you disappointed. How to make blueberry muffins The recipe is easy and very rewarding. My kids were helping me mixing all the …

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Healthy blueberry date banana yogurt mini muffins (sugar free!)

My babies helped me making this delicious healthy blueberry date banana yogurt mini muffins (sugar free!), filled with fresh local berries (that we picked the day before ) and sweet pureed dates as a sugar substitute. It’s officially a blueberry season in the valley and since we live in a town that is surrounded by …

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Blueberry smoothie bowl

I just love this blueberry smoothie bowl. Пост на русском языке можно найти здесь(черничный смузи боул) Making smoothie bowls it’s not just a way to prepare a healthy vitamins filled delicious breakfast , but also a chance to use your creativity and art skills. Use juicy fruits and berries to top your dish, bright flowers …

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Blueberry strawberry smoothie

Full of antioxidants and vitamins fresh spring smoothie! Who wants this yummy, satisfyingly  sweet blueberry strawberry smoothie? Let me tell you,I already got prepared for the winter season really well this summer. We went on a u-pick organic farm where we picked SO much blueberries, it’s not even funny . Had to invest in extra …

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Berry watermelon smoothie

Crisp and oh so fresh watermelon flavor combined with berries make this berry watermelon smoothie so outstanding! The recipe for this berry watermelon smoothie is simple as always! I know, fresh organic watermelons are not available everywhere , but if you have a chance to get one, try to make this smoothie! Fresh crispy flavor …

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