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Fruity chocolate medallions

Fruity chocolate medallions

To start with, I wasn’t sure how to call this little yummy chocolaty treats.

Dark chocolate drops?

Fruit & Nut pieces?????

Well, at some point I figured they look like medallions , so here they are- fruity chocolate medallions ! I used dark Trader Joe’s chocolate  to make them almost guilt-free, and dried apricots, blueberries,papaya and raisins, for a sweet touch and nutrients. ( did you try my healthy almond pulp cookies yet?)

Fruity chocolate medallions

Also I used pepitas, pistachios and shredded coconut. The more good stuff you put on the better!

This medallions are also a great snack for kids any age. My daughter (who is 3) loves them. Well, she prefers to pick all the nuts, seeds and fruits off the chocolate first???? That’s  ok, I will eat the rest!

Fruity chocolate medallions

Also remember , the darker chocolate you can find, the more guilt free it gets lolFruity chocolate medallions

Fruity chocolate medallions


  • 6 Oz Dark chocolate The darker the better
  • All your favourite dried fruits, berries, nut and seeds


  • Start with lining your cookie sheet with parchment paper
  • Break chocolate in pieces in to the bowl, put in the microwave for about a minute stirring every 20 seconds 
  • When chocolate in melted, use a spoon to drop rounds to the parchment paper 
  • Before it cools off, add the variety of toppings and let set for about an hour . You can also put it in the fridge

Please share the recipe if you like it!

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