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How to store avocado

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Having avocados on hand is an excellent way to enjoy this healthy treat in your favorite recipes. Avocados are a favorite treat that many people enjoy using for delicious salads or side dips for their favorite appetizers.

avocado, lime and parsley on black background, top view

Avocados are interesting because they are really in season all year round, for the most part. Many avocados are also ripe directly off of the tree. You can tell if you have a ripe avocado by looking at the skin. The skin of a ripened avocado will be darker in appearance, whereas an unripe avocado will be closer to a green shade in color.

You can store ripe or unripe avocado though, so if you found that your avocados aren’t quite ripened yet, have no fear, I am about to tell you how to store avocado whether it’s ripe or not.

How to Store Cut Open Avocados

If you have cut open your avocado to find that it’s not ripe yet, you can sprinkle the flesh of your avocado with lemon or lime juice. Once you’ve done the sprinkling of lemon or lime juice all over the flesh or your cut unripe avocado, put both halves back together and cover tightly with plastic wrap. The process to get your stored cut unripe avocado to ripen will take various lengths of time, so be sure to check it in the refrigerator every couple of days to see if your avocado is ripe yet.

If you have cut open a ripe avocado and want to store it, then you will follow the same process for a cut unripe avocado but it can only be stored for one day in the refrigerator to maintain proper freshness for use of the avocado in your favorite recipes.

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How to Store Avocado

If you haven’t cut open your avocado yet, then the process to store avocado is slightly different. If you have a ripe avocado that hasn’t been cut open, you can store this fruit in the refrigerator for two to three days without losing your avocado.

If you haven’t cut open your avocado and found that it’s not quite ripened yet, then you’ll want to store your uncut unripen avocado at room temperature. You can store avocados in 65-75 degrees Fahrenheit room of your home and allow the fruit to ripen within 4-5 days or place it in the refrigerator to speed up the ripening process.

How to Keep an Avocado from Turning Brown

The best way to ensure your avocado doesn’t turn brown is to store it as I stated above, using lemon or lime juice on the flesh and wrapping it up tight in plastic wrap. Olive oil or vegetable oil brushed on your avocado can also help your avocado from turning brown for about a day or two.

If you prefer to store your avocado with an onion in preparation for us in guacamole then you can keep an avocado from turning brown by storing with an onion. Chop up your onion, lay it in an airtight container and place your avocado on top of the chopped onions to keep your avocado from turning brown for a few days.

How Long do Avocados Last

When you use a lot of avocados in your recipes and day to day life, it’s important to know how long do avocados last. This answer isn’t an easy one as you can see in this article above, you have to find new ways to store avocado depending on whether they’re ripe or unripe as well as cut open or not cut open. If you truly want to know how long do avocados last then you can rest easy knowing that an avocado can generally last three to five days if you store them properly.

When you take the time to learn how to store avocado and how long avocados last, you’ll soon find that you can keep this fruit on hand and fresh for longer periods of time for your recipe pleasure.