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Costco stockpile shopping list

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So, today i went to Costco to stock pile on essentials. We live in Northern California and people are pretty serious about get their shopping done and ready to stay in line for certain things. I am not a medical expert and cant talk about it, but I (and you!) can create a stock pile list of goods, just in case. 

Costco has the best prices for canned food, paper product and medications. Thats exactly why i like to go there for. I don’t buy fresh meat and seafood in Costco because its more expensive then in other stores, so you will not see it here. This is not an emergency list in case of nature disaster when you have no water or electricity.

costco shopping

Canned vegetables

I got 3 boxes of canned corn. We use it a lot in cooking, in soups and especially kids love to eat corn with everything.

Refried beans. Before i moved to US beans were never an essential. I fell in love with it once moved to California. Its a bit cheaper to buy DRY BEANS, Costco has it at a good price too. I would buy both if you are into overnight soaking

Canned tomato sauce. Always a good idea to have extra tomato sauce in your house. Just get couple boxes and place them in the garage. Use for chili, pasta, meatloaf and much more.

Canned beans (any). Stock up on a variety of beans so it doesn’t get boring. I got a box of each variety.

Canned tuna

Tuna is the best canned fish when it comes to cooking out of the can. Make tuna salad sandwiches, salads, tuna casserole, just eat it out of the can, why not?

Canned chicken

Same here. Stockpile on this for a quick meal any time of the day.

Bread and Bagels

Buy a two pack of each and freeze it. When ready to eat just take one or two pieces and pop it in to the air fryer, oven or simply a toaster. Use for sandwiches or breakfast. So that’s why i always get lunch meat and cheese. You can freeze it in batches to use later.

Frozen fruit and vegetables.

Fruit are great for smoothies and vegetables i use in stir fries, add them as a side dish to any meat or fish dishes

Pasta and pasta sauce.

Super versatile and easy dinner option. Costco sell pasta in variety and has a few options of pasta sauce. I stocked up last time when pasta sauce was on sale so i didn’t buy much this time.

Ramen noodles.

I am a food blogger but i always have couple packs of ramen at home. You know, just in case.

Woman hygiene products

One pack will last you a long time. Make sure to buy it in variety ( you know what i mean) and get couple boxes each. In case of emergency you don’t want to think about it and go to the store.

Children Tylenol. Other Meds.

If my kids will get sick during the quarantine, i want to be prepared. I have two kids so 2 packs make sense. My neighbor got children ibuprofen so we can always exchange syrup (unopened) in case of serious fiver.

Paper towels and toilet paper

This is something you always will need in your household. If you have enough space it doesn’t hurt to get couple each.

Cleaning products

Get extra dish washer soap (for machine too), laundry detergent, disinfecting wipes, more Windex, antibacterial and soap and other cleaning things. Washing your hands is very important  so as keeping your house clean. Everybody knows that, thats why cleaning products  are in high demand.


We have a filter and since its not an emergency, i dont usually buy bottled water. But all the water is gone from my local Costco as soon as the store opens.


As you can see, i dont favor bottled water that much in case of quarantine 🙂 Costco has good deals on wine every once in a while and i like to get a few bottles at the time.


I usually get Costco brand coffee because the price is cheaper per lb. I got 3 bags. In another store (Foodmax) i bought dry milk in a huge package and a few unsweetened almond milk boxes. You can store them on the shelf. My local Costco was out of this products already.

What i want to say in the end? Costco is not the only store around here. If you feel like you can spend a few more dollars and go to a different store, do it. I have seeing people are getting in line to get water and paper towels while other stores around are full with that products. Good luck!


Sunday 31st of May 2020

Love your recipes and helpful information! Thank You!

Trudy Wilson

Saturday 11th of April 2020

Thank you.