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Maple roasted brussels sprouts

Easy roasted brussels sprouts recipe with maple glaze is a delicious side dish for holidays or a weeknight dinner. Thanksgiving, Christmas… treat your guests with this healthy sweet and crunchy baked dish. Not everybody loves Brussels sprouts. But trust me, this recipe is different. Roasting sprouts is probably the easiest way of cooking them, all …

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Garlic butter sauteed green beans

Healthy fresh garlic butter sauteed green beans are so fresh and delicious! This easy stovetop dish will become your favorite side dish at Thanksgiving, Christmas or any other family dinner. Quick and kid friendly. Delicious crunchy green beans sauteed with garlic and butter! Sounds yummy even for my kids who don’t usually like green beans. …

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Easy sauteed vegetables

This easy flavorful sauteed vegetables will make a perfect side dish or a meal itself. What are best vegetables to saute? onions mushrooms zucchinis bell peppers greens (chard, kale, spinach) eggplants broccoli any kind of squash We always have vegetables in our fridge. Especially zucchinis- they make perfect frittatas and fries too! Low calorie and …

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