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You can make so many great dishes with pork! From something super easy and common like air fryer bacon to a bit more time consuming, like my favorite caramelized pork recipe. So good!

Pork in fact is a very inexpensive type of meat and you will not regret purchasing it, just find the right recipe. I have plenty here, on my site. Enjoy!

Instant pot pork roast and potatoes

Easy weekday dinner for the whole family. Affordable ingredients and a lot of flavor- try this Instant pot pork roast and potatoes. Instant Pot for any time of the year. It works perfect with a big variety of dishes, from perfect summery Instant Pot infused water recipes to lovely stews and soups. I made this …

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Glass noodles pork stir fry

Fresh and full of flavor, this glass noodles pork stir fry will become your favorite  quick lunch noodle bowl. Clear, cellophane noodles- whatever you call them, are delicious and widely popular in Thai and Chinese cuisine. Everybody have something in their pantry they can’t live without and sometimes it takes more place then should? Clear …

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Braised pork ragout with couscous

Comforting flavorful braised pork ragout with delicious couscous, our family dinner favorite and absolutely toddlers approved! These dish falls into healthy category in my mind because first- couscous is naturally sugar free and fat free, great protein source and also rich in fiber. Easy to cook too! Just boil some water, then add couscous, turn …

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