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How to start a food blog

If you ever wondered how to start your own food blog(or any other blog) -this post is for you!

how to start a food blog

I started BerryMaple a year ago , and let me tell you , it was not that easy. I was struggling with setting things up, with the niche of my future blog, even with the domain name and hosting plan!

But I was so passionate about starting my own site about food and recipes, so I found time (that was not easy with two little kids under 2 on hands) to learn about creating sites on WordPress, social media marketing and ,of course, food photography.

How to start a food blog.

Buy domain name

Namecheap. You have to start with your future blog name. Pick the one that sound good to you and possibly describes what is you site going to be about (but not necessary) .

Do not pick a very long blog name, better go with a short but creative one.

Choose hosting

I personally use Siteground Hosting and like it a lot. I use GrowBig plan,  but if you are just starting- StartUp plan is probably your best choice. Just 3.95$ a month( for example the previous hosing plan i had with another company was 10$ a month)

Web Hosting

Install wordpress

Please make sure you run your site on wordpress.org , not wordpress.com ( you want it to be self-hosted)

Choose a theme for your blog

To be honest , it took me forever to choose a theme for my future blog. Here is a short list of my favorite themes

Foodica Theme

( the one i use and adore. the support is great too)

Foodie Pro Theme


Brunch Pro Theme

Sprout & Spoon Theme 

Food and Cook Theme

Food photography

Food photography is very important , the more appetizing your food looks, the more people will be coming back for your recipes! There are so many online food photography classes on the internet you can choose from this days… I improved the quality of my photos dramatically in a year just by practicing all the time. You need to get your camera and use it, a lot!

I hope this tips will be helpful for you and your future blogging joarney! Came back soon for more tips about how to MONETIZE your blog! Thank you!


Want to try some of my favorite recipes ?

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links, thank you for the support in keeping Berry&Maple up and running! 

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